5 Indications your child is ready for a big party!

From experience with my daughter I learnt that the first two years of celebrating her birthday were mainly for family and friends, to come together to celebrate getting through the first tooth, first steps and first words and sleepless nights.

So when it came to planning my daughters first birthday I chose to do something very low key, we had family around. I always get asked from clients what is the appropriate age to throw a massive party well these are MY 5 indications that your child is ready:

  1. When your child knows it’s their birthday – most importantly they get as excited about their birthday as they do when they are going to visit Santa at Christmas.
  2. When they can choose their favourite theme – whichever movie they recently went to see or if they have a favourite program on TV that they really enjoy that’s a good indication that they know what they want in terms of birthday party theme.  
  3. When they can select their guest list – if your child has been attending nursery this is a good way of making new “Parent” friends as well as the whole nursery drop of process can be quite in and out. You never really get a chance to stop and chat with a few parents etc. So having a party for all her nursery friends works out both ways for both baby and you.
  4. Presents – are always great but when they can open their own presents and truly get excited about what’s underneath the wrapping paper, not the actual box then you have hit a JACKPOT!!!
  5. Overall when their behaviour improves weeks or days before their party then they know that they are being treated and act like brilliant angels that’s when they eat all vegetable’s and go to bed on time then my friend they are ready to have that big celebration.