Do I need your services? As an Event Planner.

I get asked this question all the time, well I would say it depends on the individual or the couple, parents or the as needs are all very different so only when you have decided the right budget and know which areas you need help with would I say are good times to get a planner involved.

Top tips for finding a good event planner or wedding planner:

DIY vs Planner

1.     Communication skills – do they communicate well?

2.     Reviews - have they got at least two positive reviews on their website?

3.     Connections – can they help you source the most difficult event prop/design?

4.     Passion – do they make you feel like you are going on this exciting journey with them?

Planners come in different forms, they can become like family when planning a wedding for eighteen months when you get to know the couple, you are working with you become familiar.

I am still in contact with some of my wedding couples, I have planned baby showers and first birthday parties for them.

As an event planner I love helping people in destress with planning their events, that end up exceeding expectations BUT there are times when I think to myself the client could have done it themselves.

Or the budget was really unrealistic as they hadn’t thought about the service charge included in getting an event planner.

I will never say no to a client but some things need to be limited, the fact that we now have Pinterest and social media makes people’s expectations of what they want so unrealistic that they forget the actual cost of putting things together.

BUDGET would be one of the things that needs to be addressed before you look for a planner.

Planners usually have connections to great suppliers and know who is good and not, working with some great suppliers is why most people sometimes choose a planner as it saves time surfing on google for hours.

Right time to get a planner:

1.     When you do not have the time - time costs money

2.     When you need advice and good connections – third party suppliers

3.     Need help event managing

4.     BUDGET on FLEEK!!