A Wedding Planner is..

An extension of you, we do all the hard work whilst you get to enjoy the journey from miss to Mrs. In this time frame we will build relationships, source venues and vendors for your big day. 

Our main goal is to be as honest and open with you at every stage, making sure that what you expect on the day is what you receive. 

Everything starts with you and your partner, without your vision we cannot enhance your day to make it the most memorable day ever. 

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Wedding Consultation

This is the opportunity to sit down and get to know you, while giving you the chance to share with us your must haves and your biggest dreams. We take this hour to look at images, jot down notes, think about logistics, and brainstorm.

Wedding planning checklist

The process

Once we have agreed on what type of services and help you require the fun begins:

Planning the your big day, from choosing the theme to type of food, dress and shoes we can help you design your ideal wedding within your budget.

We are there with you every step of the way, so you can rest assured.

Shoes on the day

Wedding Day Management

Managing your wedding from the very beginning, so you do not have to worry.

We arrive prepped with contact list, making sure that everyone knows what time they are meant to arrive and set up.

We have our Front of house managers, who are trained to ease the setting up of the event.

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